May 18, 2015. The 3rd SOLARNET School started in Granada, Spain.

The 3rd SOLARNET School “Solar Magnetic Fields: Modeling and Measuring Techniques” has been opened today in Granada, Spain.

SOLARNET Project prioritizes the collaborations between the new generation of scientists and experienced researchers through short stays and training actions to acquire competences in relevant fields of Solar Physics.

Under the auspices of SOLARNET, and organised by our partners from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC), the School is dedicated to PhD students and novel post-doctoral researchers.

This international school aims at providing PhD students and early career researchers with a solid background in solar spectropolarimetry, radiative transfer of polarized light, and diagnostic techniques. The school program combines theory and hands-on activities to achieve this goal. The latter will focus on the use of inversion codes such as SIR, NICOLE, and HAZEL, so that the participants can apply these tools to their own observation.

The lectures and hands-on sessions will be carried out by experienced scientists, and will allow the 26 participating students -from Europe, India, China and Colombia- to enrich their knowledge in Solar Physics.

3rd SOLARNET School - Granada 2015

The school will consist of three main courses:

  • Solar polarization measurements: instruments and techniques (Lecturer: Bruce Lites, HAO, USA)
  • Spectral line formation in the presence of magnetic fields (Lecturer: Jose Carlos del Toro Iniesta, IAA-CSIC, Spain)
  • Solar magnetic fields: diagnostics and applications (Lecturer: Andrés Asensio Ramos, IAC, Spain).

These courses will be complemented with three hands-on sessions:

  • Stokes inversions under LTE conditions: SIR (Luis Bellot Rubio, IAA-CSIC, Spain)
  • Stokes inversions under non-LTE conditions: NICOLE (Jaime de la Cruz Rodríguez, ISP, Stockholm University, Sweden)
  • Hanle and Zeeman inversion of spectral lines: HAZEL (Lecturer: David Orozco Suárez, IAC, Spain).

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