Solar Mission EST - The videogame

The astronomers and engineers that will use EST in the future are now kids. The videogame “Solar Mission EST” is focused on bringing solar physics research closer to them, in a funny and entertaining way. A team of solar astronomers with superpowers will help us achieve that goal. They will have to figure out what is happening on the Sun… and save the world!


The adventure begins with people waking up one day, only to discover that their toasters shoot bread slices and their ovens try to kill them. Because of an unknown reason, the magnetic field of the Sun has gone crazy and this affects all the machines on Earth, spreading chaos. To solve this situation, it is necessary to complete the construction of the European Solar Telescope, a big science infrastructure and our only hope to study the Sun in detail.
To accomplish this task, a group of solar astronomers will have the mission of collecting pieces to make EST work. As in real scientific research, the astronomers in different observatories will have to help their colleagues, providing them with some data or information needed to complete a task. The aim is to show that EST is the result of collaborative work between European partners. Moreover, the players will be introduced to some of the most relevant topics of solar research, such as sunspots, magnetic fields, granulation, etc. They will also work with the instruments and technology needed to study the Sun, including adaptive optics systems, spectrographs, filtergraphs…
  • The EST videogame is designed for Android and iOS mobile platforms. 
  • The target audience is kids between 8 and 12 years, together with people of any age interested in science and games.

Videogame teaser



This is Eclipse. She is a solar astronomer. She is mysterious, brave, bold, and... one of the scientists in charge of finding out what's happening on the Sun.

Location: SST


This smart guy is Spot. He may look unable to solve a worldwide crisis caused by abnormal solar activity. But, hey, don't underestimate him! Spot is full of surprises...

Location: GREGOR


Everything with Flare is happiness... until she releases an explosive ray of energy! She is the right astronomer to study the Sun, to find solutions, and to face the risks of its unusual activity.

Location: Einstein Tower


Behind his muscles there is a brilliant brain! We are afraid our solar astronomer UV will have to make use of both if he wants to save humanity from the hazards of a Sun going bananas. 

Location: Lomnický štít Observatory

Ms Prominence

Ms. Prominence is pure style and elegance... but when the right time comes, she does know how to rock! Her experience is invaluable for the team that will take up the challenge of unraveling the mysteries of the solar behavior.

Location: Pic du Midi Observatory


Aka the Big Man, Spectro is the solar astronomer in charge of leading the great "Solar Mission EST" team. He has studied the Sun more than anyone else, but... he's never seen the kind of things happening in our star!

Location: European Solar Telescope


Testing scenes: Einstein Tower

Testing scenes: Lomnický Štít Observatory

Testing scenes: Pic du Midi

Video presentations of the characters





Ms Prominence


Preview of combat dynamics

Preview of solar puzzles

Preview of scenarios


Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope

Lomnicky stit Observatory

Einstein Tower

Pic du Midi Observatory