ESPN General Information


The aim of the European Solar Physics (ESP) Nuggets is to aid in the communication of recent science results from the European Solar Physics community. The ESP Nuggets are aimed at a general reader and provide an additional outlet for sharing research.

The ESP Nuggets are inspired by the UK Solar Physics Nuggets, which in turn was modelled upon Yohkoh Science Nuggets and RHESSI Nuggets.



The scope of the ESP Nuggets covers research in Solar Physics and related areas. If you are unsure whether your research would be suitable for an ESP Nugget, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Preparing a European Solar Physics Nugget

The nuggets are aimed at a general reader with a background in University-level Physics. Hence, complex topics can be discussed but the use of jargon is dissuaded. A reader should not have to be a specialist in the area to understand the content.

Format: The nuggets should be not much longer than 800 words. They should include a short title, a short summary, a main body and a conclusion. Ideally, they will also contain relevant figures, with figure captions. The nuggets should be written in English but should avoid the use of idioms or colloquial language (the reader may not be a native English speaker).

A full set of references are not required (as an interested party can find relevant articles on NASA/ADS), but up to 10 can be included. Links to other webpages can be used.

For the moment, please do not include equations in the Nugget.

Nuggets will be reviewed, and revisions may be requested, in order to ensure readability and quality. Content will not be reviewed on its scientific quality, and publication is not an endorsement of scientific quality or rigour.


Guidelines for images


The maximum number of figures is 3. Figures can be JPG, PNG, or TIFF.  Images with no compression and PNG format are preferable. Letters and numbers should be read clearly.

The ESPN will be shared on the EST social media, so a good-quality and attractive image is necessary to engage with the audience. Please provide us with one such image. It is highly advisable to submit a real image, rather than a scientific figure.

The images should be at least 1500 pixel size on the bigger side of the image, and have a minimum resolution of 72 ppp. The final size of the file should be around 1-2 MB.



If you are interested in submitting a nugget to the series, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of your proposed contribution, giving a potential title, a few sentence summary and link to an associated publication.

If the suggested nugget is suitable for the series, we will work with you to aid in the preparation.