July 2, 2015. Teide Observatory Open Doors Days: 3rd and 4th July, 2015.

Teide Observatory Open Doors Days 2015

The Instituto de AstrofĂ­sica de Canarias (IAC) organises, as part of its outreach activities, two days visits to the Teide Observatory. The main goal of this activity is to bring astronomy closer to the general public.

From 10.00 to 15.00 will be offered guided visits to the telescopes and workshops, as well as direct solar observations. The visits serve to explain what an astronomical observatory is like, how the telescopes work, and why astronomy is so important for humanity.

The visitors will be able to see the Solar Telescope THEMIS, the IAC80 optical telescope, the Carlos Sanchez infrared telescope, the Solar Laboratory, the Optical Ground Station (OGS), the Solar Vacuum Tower telescope (VTT) and the new robotic telescopes.

Planning information

Free entries will be offered, in strict order of arrival. Private cars must be parked in the appropriate car parks within the observatory grounds.

As the observatory is in the mountains, we recommend comfortable shoes, the use of solar protection cream, and a hat, also some form of jacket or coat. Those with heart complaints or breathing problems should note that the altitude (2300 m above sea level) may cause health problems, for which we strongly adivsed previous consultation with a doctor.

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