June 19, 2015. SolarLab: more than 80 000 Canary students have had the opportunity of observing the Sun…

SolarLab –a public outreach initiative which aim is to bring the mysteries of the Sun to the secondary and high schools students in the Canary Islands– is closing with a high public impact.

During two years, and for about a week, the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) has moved a solar telescope to each of the 141 participating centers to give the students over 12 years old the opportunity to study and appreciate the star that ensures survival on the Earth.

The collaboration of more than 300 schoolteachers has been very important in achieving the project objectives.

Several Solar physicists from IAC as well as astronomers, and an astrophotographer have participated in Solarlab in forming the schoolteachers.

SOLARNET has collaborated in SolarLab and shares the goal of making solar physics research more attractive and more comprehensible for young students and for the public in general.

More details at SolarLab (in Spanish).

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