January 20, 2015. 3rd SOLARNET Workshop "Polarization in the Sun, the Solar System, and Beyond", 25-28 May 2015, Granada, Spain (First Announcement).

The 3rd SOLARNET Workshop “Polarization in the Sun, the Solar System, and Beyond” will take place in Granada (Spain) between 25-28 May 2015, organized by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC).
The goal of this workshop is to present the latest advances in astronomical polarimetry and spectropolarimetry, with a focus on the sun, solar system bodies, stars, and exoplanets. We also aim at bringing together the different communities and fostering collaborations between them. In order to provide a detailed account of the latest developments in these areas - including instrumentation, measurement techniques, data analysis and interpretation - the following sessions have been scheduled:

- Instrumentation (ground, space, laboratory)
- Solar Photosphere
- Solar Chromosphere, Transition Region, and Corona
- Magnetic Field Diagnostics
- Polarization in the Solar System
- Stellar Magnetic Fields and Exoplanets

The workshop will be carried out right after the 3rd SOLARNET School on “Solar Magnetic Fields: Modeling and Measuring Techniques” (18-23 May 2015, Granada, Spain).

Online registration and abstract submission will be opened in early January 2015. Please mark your calendars!

Scientific Organizing Committee
L. Bellot Rubio (Chair, IAA-CSIC),
J. de la Cruz Rodríguez (Stockholm University)
M. Faurobert (Université de Nice)
K. Ichimoto (Kyoto University)
H. Lin (University of Hawaii)
B. Lites (HAO)
V. Martínez Pillet (NSO)
O. Muñoz (IAA-CSIC)
F. Snik (Leiden University)
K. Strassmeier (AIP)
R. Schlichenmaier (KIS)
A. Title (LMSAL)
J. Trujillo Bueno (IAC)
F. Zuccarello (Università di Catania, INAF)

Local Organizing Committee (IAA-CSIC)
S. Esteban Pozuelo
M. Gosic
I. Requerey
J. C. del Toro Iniesta
L. Bellot Rubio

Detailed information, including a list of invited speakers, will be available soon through the IAA-CSIC Solar Physics Group website at: http://spg.iaa.es/

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