Oct. 30, 2014. SOLARNET TAS: Users Assessment 2014.

The SOLARNET Transnational Access and Service Programme (TAS) supports the access to some of the best European telescopes (VTT, GREGOR, THEMIS, and SST). A total of 8 observing teams were supported under the 2014 TAS campaign. User teams awarded with telescope time received a brief questionnaire to assess the quality of the access and service provided.

The questionnaire was distributed among astronomers supported with travel and subsistence grants. A total of 16 questionnaires were distributed and 15 of them returned to the SOLARNET Project Office.

Majority of the specific aspects related to the services provided by the infrastructure were assessed with the highest rating. The overall appreciation of the services provided was considered ‘very good’ by nine astronomers, ‘good’ by five of them and average by one.


More details at SOLARNET TAS. Users' Assessment Report 2014.

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