August 25, 2016: The 5th SOLARNET School started today at Queen's University Belfast.

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The 5th SOLARNET School "Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere" started today at Queen's University Belfast, UK. The school will run from Thursday the 25th of August to Tuesday the 30th inclusive.

There are 25 early career researchers from 10 different countries (UK, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, USA, Algeria, Georgia) attending the School. All of them received partial funding by SOLARNET. Eleven attendees are women out of the 25.

The 5th SOLARNET school will provide students and early-career researchers with a solid foundation in a range of topics related to the theme of Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere. The primary topics covered in the Sschool therefore are:

  1. MHD waves and instabilities throughout the atmosphere.
  2. Observations and techniques.
  3. MHD Simulations.
  4. Helioseismology.

The School wiill be followed by the Workshop “Heating in the Solar Atmosphere” that will run from Wednesday the 31st of August until lunchtime on Friday the 2nd of September.

More details at 5th SOLARNET School.